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Pastoral Team
Bob Huang

Rev. Bob Zhihong Huang was born in 1958 in Dalian, China. During the Cultural Revolution, he was down to the countryside to be “re-educated” for 2 years, but was so lucky that he was enrolled as one of the first college students after the Revolution. Since 1985, he began teaching in Dalian Education College, and was rewarded in 1992 as Excellent Young Teacher of Liaoning Province. In September 1997, he came to teach in English Department of Troy State University. 


Bob loves literature, having composed thousands of poems, edited 18 books, composed a TV opera shown on CCTV in 1998, and is the first person that translated “Lord of the Rings” into Chinese. His highest achievement in English literature are the awards for his short story “I Wish I Could Buy Yesterday” in 1997 in Alabama and his poem “Never Old to Me” that is selected in Best Poems and Poets of 2004 by International Library of Poetry.


Bob has an amazing faith journey.   He was converted in the summer of 1993 in Dalian, baptized in First Presbyterian Church in Troy, Alabama in October 1997.   In August 1998, he answered the high call to follow Jesus, and started his equipment in the following 7 years in 5 seminaries, which he often teases this as “seminary shopping”.   Though having experienced all sorts of hardship, he has never thought of giving up.   In January 2002, he served as an intern in Capstone Chinese Church, where he began his full time service since July 2003. In May, 2008, after passing all the exams and being certified ready, he was ordained as the Minister of Word and Sacraments, the first one who is from People’s Republic of China.


Looking back and forward, Bob acknowledges that he does not deserve to serve the Lord.   “It is of all His grace” he often says. In his business card, he declares: “I am a big sinner.   The reason why Jesus Christ chose me is to reveal to the world how great His forgiving grace is, in order to save whoever believes in Him.”