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Pastor's Corner

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, Peace be with you all.

 Nothing is weird about websites, but what is exciting is we even have our own website, so that we are connected to the other parts of the world.

When you come to visit this website, I hope that you will feel like me to have excitement, joy, gratitude and pride when you find out that “Jesus Christ, Son of God has done great things for them.”

First of all, I praise the Lord for having brothers and sisters so lovely as you are. We are Chinese mainly from all parts of China. It is God’s wonderful work that we can establish a church of our own in this strange land of the United States of America.

Today, we are still very small and quite immature, but our cup has been overflowing with blessings from the Lord. We know for sure that our future is not an easy way at all, since God’s way itself is very challenging. However, we have been experiencing the presence of God and been full of joy when we walk together by helping with each other. 

We do know how weak we are, how little the faith we have, so everyday we pray for God’s mercy to help us grow in our faith. We are a group of new immigrants in the Kingdom of God, still carrying with us the brands stamped onto us in our old life. Therefore, we learn to be patient with each other, to support each other, and to be tolerant of each other, in order to build our church gradually to be our spiritual home as well as a school nurturing life.

May our little voice keep singing hymns to praise the Lord, and may the singing be our companion in our loneliness, the strength in our weakness, comfort in our sickness, and hope in our depression. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is the vine, and we are branches. We are to connect our lives to the grace of the Cross to bring out fruit to glorify God. Our prayer is: Dear Lord Jesus, forgive our sins, enter our lives, be our Lord.

May we pray for each other often, enjoy Lord’s grace together, and grow in faith day by day.