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Church History
Church History
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Capstone Chinese Presbyterian Church, mainly formed by and for new immigrants from mainland China, is a Mandarin church in the denomination of Presbyterian Church (USA).
In July 2003, Bob Huang, a seminary intern at that time, accepted the invitation to be the full-time pastor of this church with less than 20 people and little money left.
The survival and growth of this church was due to the support of San Gabriel Presbytery and Arcadia Presbyterian Church. In March 2008 the church was accepted by PC(USA) as a new church development(NCD). On May 25, 2008, Bob Huang was ordained to be Minister of the Word and Sacrament of PC(USA), and designated him as founding pastor of Capstone Chinese Church. Because of the need for larger space for worship and service, the church moved to Village Presbyterian Church in Arcadia in October 2008. In September 2009, this church was chartered by PC(USA) Capstone Chinese Presbyterian Church, the first and only church with the background of Mainland China in the denomination. 
The ministries of this church have been richly blessed by the Almighty God while going through the stages of survival, stability and revival. The attendance grows from less than 20 in 2003 to over 100 in 2012.  Dozens of new immigrants from China have been baptized each year. In all this, we have witnessed the abundant blessings of God and the love and spiritual growth of the members of this church. Surely, this new church still has a long journey ahead of them, with many difficulties to overcome, but the work started by God will certainly continue to have God's presence and fulfillment. 
May those called for mainland Chinese ministry join us in partnership to make more those "born in the New Society, growing up under the Red Flag" come to experience the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, to grow in the new life in this new land, and to be the blessing to this age.